R&D CONTRIBUTIONS (1962 - 2012)
List shows some important products I delivered to the country.
Almost all mentioned below are first time Indian design successes and serving the customers well.
My Teammates : L. S. Sannabhadti (45 yrs), R. N. Doss (35 yrs), B. N. Pal (18 yrs), U. V. Save (20 yrs),
Sanjay Bole (20 yrs), M. Dandekar (40 yrs), D. Choudhury (6 yrs) and many others
1962 to 1972 ++
Some Users
Five Solid State 'on-belt' Digital Batch Counters and Automatic Sorters for Bottle Caps. 'India Crown Cap' Division of L&T.
Optical Water Turbidity Meters for Suspended Turbidity. Over 400 Water Treatment Plants in India.
Four Station Laboratory Water Floculator.
0-30VDC/2A Regulated Power Supplies using Dry Battery Ref. IITs, NPL, PRL, BEL, ITI, DEDL etc.
Dual 0-300VDC/ 200mA & 0 to -150V Bias Laboratory Supply and Other Vacuum Tube PSU Series. Became a Standard Lab Supply in all Engineering Colleges and Labs in the Country.
Servo-motor Controller Line Power Stabilizers 3 to 20kVA. Automatic Electric, Tata electric etc.
0 to 70kV DC Test Set with 90kV 0.2µF Capacitor. Tata Electric, BHU, DESU etc.
0 to 30VDC 10A Regulated Supply using Tracked AC Line. IIT, TIFR, NPL and Several Others.
Cardiac AC Defibrillator. Cardiac Surgeons PK Sen, Datoor, SK Sen, Gopinath Vellore, Grant etc.
Skin Thermometer with Bead Thermistor for Peripheral Nerve Study. Several Dermatologists beginning Dr. BB Gokhale.
Bedside Cardiac Solid State Pacemakers. Cardiac Surgeons PK Sen, Datoor, SK Sen, Gopinath Vellore, Grant etc.
Development of DC Pulse Stepper Motors (with MG Bhat of Automatic Electric). Thousands used in Line Voltage Servo-stabilizers in APLAB & AE.
Variable Freq Low Distortion Audio Generator using Thermistor Bolometer. BEL, ITI, National Labs, Engineering Colleges, DEDL etc.
Vehicle Mounted Voltage Regulator meeting high environmental endurance military specs K114E. Indian Army through BEL.
500W Solid State 24V DC to 230V ac Inverter Meeting Environmental Military specs K114E (now DEF55555).
Solid state Ringer and Multi Tone Generators for Strowger Telephone Exchanges. Indian Telephone Industries; installed in 100s of Telephone Exch.
SCR Pre-regulated High Power Variable DC Power Sources. Industries, BEL, ITI, Universities, IITs.
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems for Frigates made by Indian Navy. All Indian Naval Frigates are Fitted with These Corrosion Protection Systems.
Solid State Sine, Sq, Triangular, Saw tooth Function Generator with diode wave shaper. T & M Customers All Over India.
Digital Frequency Counters with Nixie Tube Displays. T & M Customers All Over India.
500W & 1000W Sine wave Linear Inverter with Class B Transistor Amplifiers. BEL, Industrial and Defense Services.
20kVA UPS System using Three SCR digital Bridges using New TRC Developed Topology. Satellite Earth Stations of DoT.
Publication of "Materials in Electronics " - A comprehensive info on materials such as plastics, metals, alloys and chemicals and their processing technologies used in electronic production. Sold to Universities, National Labs and Government Electronic Establishments.
Started the First Electronics Monthly, "Electro-Technics" Devoted to Technology Development and Growth of Indian Electronic Industry. Produced and Sustained for Three Years; closed in 1974.
1972 to 1982 ++
Some Users
Digital Computers Using 14 Vacuum Tube Amplifiers as Op-amps and Configuration Patch Board. NCL, all IITs, DRDL, ITI.
First ever display of Indian Designed Electronics Products in Hannover Industrial Fair in West Germany - Participated Annually for the Next Decade. Started Export of APLAB products to Germany, UK and Sweden.
Designs of Aluminum Extrusions for Equipment Packaging Meeting German DIN Standards. Progressively in all Instrument Housings in APLAB range .
Adoption of German Standards like DIN in Product Packaging and Use of VDE Standards in Safety Compliance. Resulted in high quality and reliability reputation for APLAB products in India & abroad.
Development of LAB Series of Standard Single and Multi-output DC Power Supplies for German, French and British Market. This series survived for the next 25 years and is sold even today in limited numbers.
10MHz and 15MHz Single and Dual Trace Analogue Oscilloscopes. Sales in Domestic and German Market.
Developed Cable Fault Locator for Seba Dynatronics GmbH. Several thousand units exported to Germany for next 7 years.
15" High 20ft long Electronic Audio-visual Scrolling Text Display using 6V DC Lamp Matrix. Maharashtra Bank Pune Bldg and other customers in Bangalore and Delhi.
Complete Range of DC Power Modules for India's First Digital Telephone Exchange being developed by Telecom Research Centre, New Delhi. Slow policy and material support killed this government initiative.
8080 Based Multi Application Micro-processor based Brain System for Analog & Digital Data Acquisition. Industrial Control Division Made Products Using this Core.
Public Service 1982 to 1992 ++
Some Users
Wrote policy note that helped Mrs. Indira Gandhi to rewrite Electronic Policy that delicensed Consumer electronics sector and enable easy export of software services. This lead to India's Electronics Output Growing from 1200 to 9400 crores from 1984 to 1990.
Video Tape based TELETEACH program to provide low cost audio-visual programs to enrich school and technical education as well as livelihood skills training to artisans. Program Succeeded with Sale of 150000 Cassettes but received no support form Education Ministries.
India's first Rs.5000/- 20" Colour TV under ET&T Brand. Sold over 150,000 reaching to lower middle class families.
Sold over half-million with 40% market share. C-DOT adopted the same model for Rural Exchanges.
India's first Rs.1400/- 14" B&W TV under ET&T Brand.
A new concept to support SMEs under MTB scheme, that allowed SMEs to get 100% material kit, proven technology and the use ET&T brand.
People's PCXT Computer System at Rs.10,000/- with three software packages for word processing, a spread sheet and fully licensed MS DOS operating system. Several Thousand sold, pushed Wipro and HCL to drop their prices to half.
Fully Automated Shooting Range for National Security Guards in NSG HQ in Mannesar, Delhi. Used for training and Prime Minister National Sharp Shooter Competition till 1994.
Developed the first EE PROM chip for Smart Cards produced in India by SCL Chip foundry in Chandigarh.  
Programmable Electronic DC Loads. Domestic and Export Markets.
Automatic Battery Test System with Programmable Electronic Charge Discharge Power System. Exide, BEL and Other Battery Manufacturers.
1992 to 2002 ++
Some Users
Developed first stored value smart card Public Payphone in India. 3000 installed in Delhi city and in Parliament...Ensured 100% revenue collection compared to 30% on the coin boxes. Growth was killed by DoT under Sukhram since we did not want to bribe.
Exported 100 Smart Card Public Payphones to Belgium. Bulk contract lost due to lack of Government support to give project credit.
Developed multi-cassette Automated Teller Machine, ATM, for Indian Banks with local language user support. Sold over 200 machines to Indian Banks but the project died with lack of support by Indian bankers who blocked us from tender by insisting on minimal installed base of 1000 ATMs...Art of kissing Indian Technology.
Developed Self-service Kiosks for Cheque Depositing. Several hundred functional in Indian and foreign banks.
Sine wave inverters up to 2 KW for the German railway/ Military application with Static switch & Manual Bypass arrangement up to 4.5 kW. Powertronic GmbH, Germany.
Programmable/ Non Programmable Active DC loads up to 5 KW: Dissipative current loads with CC/ CV/ CR/ CP mode of Operation. Aplab, powertronic GmbH, Zentro Electric GmbH.
Automated Test Systems/ Cassette Instruments: 19” rack mount programmable instruments for the automated laboratory testing consists of DC Calibrator, Signal Generator, Multi-meter, Relay multiplexors, counters in the 19”, 3U,1/6 rack cassettes. Megalab UK Limited, Megatron KG Germany.
2002 to 2012 ++
Some Users
Evolution thermal management of power electronic components - optimisation, custom heat-sink profiles, compact, high density packaging. Thermal Management Techniques.
Zero up version power supply for power level from 200 W to 2.4 KW for the various output voltages. BK Precision, APLAB, Zentro Electric GmbH, Advance Power UK.
Developed Automated Retail Fuel Dispensers with built-in computer for on-line data acquisition. Several Thousand Sold to IOCL, HPCL, BPCL and Exported to Africa.
Self-service Terminals for Automatic Check Deposit. ICICI, HDFC, CITI and other Banks.
Medium Power switch mode Power Supplies: 19” rack mount 3U half rack module, single output power supplies using Forward converter Topology: Average Efficiency 88 to 90%. German Railways/ Siemens.
97xx series Variable frequency variable voltage frequency converters.
Programmable & non programmable version up to 1 kW.
(40 – 250 VAC & 45 – 450 Hz).
Aplab, Zentro Electric GmbH, Advance Power UK.
Street Lighting Energy Savers.
2.5 kW to 50 kW single phase & 3 phase lighting energy savers are designed for the high intensity lighting application.
Blueline - Singapore, APLAB.
Power factor corrector up to 6 KW power supplies:
Topology: Continuous Boost: UC3854N, UCC3817N One cycle control IC IR1150 with the Silicon Carbide zero recovery diode for efficient control of the power factor.
BK Precision Inc, USA, Zentro electric GmbH, Aplab.
Programmable version of the power supplies. (With RS232, RS485 and GPIB interface).
LAC Series: PC interface through RS232, RS485, GPIB (IEEE488), SPIB (Specially designed for the multi-instrument serial communication).
97XXX / PPS/ PPD Series: Linear version of the power supply Compliant with IEEE488.2.
BK Precision Inc, USA, Zentro electric GmbH , Aplab.
High Power Density 1U high Telecom PSU -2.5kW/ 48V Li-Ion Battery Chargers for Electric Vehicles. Several thousand Exported to Germany.
Intelligent Energy Controller for PV Module Energy Maximizer Australian Innovation Patent.
Suryaprasad Home Solar System - Sungrace.
Portable Solar Vehicle Battery Chargers.
Mumbai's first 30kW Roof Top Solar Power Plant.
Several Hundred Roof top Solar Systems to Indian Railways.
SAVEOPTIMA Intelligent Energy Savers 5 -250kVA. UK, APLAB.
Leech HV PV Module with All Parallel Solar Array.
Solar Pot -Intelligent Solar Energy Accumulator.
1kW to 20kW Hi Yield Solar Power Plants.
Solar Pot - Intelligent Solar Energy Accumulator with MPPT, and Charge/ Discharge Level Controller.  
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