Mr. P. S. Deodhar is the founder of the 200 crore APLAB Group of companies. The flagship of the group, APLAB Limited, was established in 1962. On October 1, 2009 he stepped down from APLAB as its CMD.
In 1985, Mr. Deodhar was invited by late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to take over as the Chairman of the Electronics Commission, Government of India and be with him as the Advisor to the Prime Minister on electronics. Earlier, in 1983, he suggested to Mrs. Indira Gandhi benefits of changing over to a liberalised electronics policy and set in motion liberalisation of ICT technologies. He also was the Chairman of the Broadcast Council in 1992-93 that set in motion the privatisation of the Electronic Media with Metro Channels.
He has been the Chairman of the 4th Jagatik Marathi Parishad held in Jerusalem, Israel in 1997.
At state level, he has been the Chairman of Meltron and the President of Maharashtra Economic Development Council, a premier state level promotional body and a Research institution.
In international circles too, Mr Deodhar has an impressive reputation. He's a fellow of the IEEE, USA, and has been honoured with the prestigious US award "Engineering Manager for 1990" by the Engineering Management Society of IEEE, USA. Mr. Deodhar is the Distinguished Fellowship of IETE. He is also the Fellow of Institution of Engineers, Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering and the Hon. Fellow of Broadcast Engineering Society.
As an Engineer, Mr. Deodhar has designed and developed scores of professional Electronics Products that are manufactured and exported to Western Europe & North America. For over four decades, APLAB Group is reigning as a Prime Indian source of high quality professional electronics products.
The International Conference on smart Cards held in New Delhi, Mr. Deodhar was honoured as the Father of Smart Card Industry in India in recognition of his pioneering efforts to bring this leading edge technology to India.
Mr. Deodhar has been promoting the use of Information Technology for speeding up in national development. Currently he is President of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Mumbai and also the President of India China Economic & Cultural Council, New Delhi. His achievements in the field of Electronics Engineering have turned him into a role model of many young engineers.
Three of his books are "The Third Parent", "Capital Punishment" and "Is Anyone Out There?". All these are related to the use of modern technology to bridge widening India-Bharat socio-economic gap.
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