Name Prabhakar Shankar Deodhar
Telephone Home +91-22-26494847
  Off. +91-22-28292055, 28290059
Fax Off. +91-22-28290470
Residential Address Landmark, 175, Carter Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400 050. India
Date of Birth 25th September, 1934
Place of Birth Pune, India.
Academic Qualifications B.E. (Telecom) with Distinction in 1956, University of Poona, India.
Professional Fellowships
Distinguished Fellow I.E.T.E., India
Life Fellow, I.E.E.E., USA
Fellow, Institution of Engineers, India
Fellow, Indian Academy of Engineers
Hon. Fellow, Broadcast Engineering Society
Early Career
Research and Development - 1956 to 1962.
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.
Medical Electronics Division - ICMR.
Entrepreneurial Achievements
Founder, APLAB Group of Companies.
Started as private R & D Lab. 1962-64.
Development, Production and Marketing of Power Products, Test & Measurement Instruments, Banking & Retail Automation, Fuel Retailing Solutions, Cable Fault Locating Instruments.
Group Employment : Over 1150.
Annual Group Sales : Over Rs.1550 million.
Plants : Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Pune.
"Engineering Manager of the Year 1990" by IEEE, USA - the only non-American so far.
"LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" by Thane Manufacturer’s Association for contribution towards growth of Industries in India.
Honorary Official Public Service
Chairman, Electronics Commission, Govt. of India 1986-88 - in Minister of State rank.
Advisor - Electronics to the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi - 1988-90.
Chairman, Broadcast Council, Govt. of India - 1992-93.
Chairman, ET&T Corp. Ltd., Govt. of India enterprise - 1984-89.
Chairman, Meltron Ltd. - Govt. of Maharashtra - 1982-84.
Chairman, Mahanagar Gas Limited, British Gas - GAIL Venture - 1996-99.
Honorary Socio-scientific Service
President, World Marathi Conference, Jerusalem, Israel, 1996.
Chairman, World Marathi Academy, JMP, 1997-99.
President, Maharashtra Economic Development Council, 1997-99.
President, All India Council for Educational Technology, New Delhi, 1996 - 2000.
President, Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, 2000 - contd.
President, India China Economic & Cultural Council, 2005 - contd.
Public Service Contributions
Personal Advisor to Rajiv Gandhi as M.P. and P.M. - from 1982 to 1991.
Helped to achieve rapid Growth and give Innovative push to IT and Electronics Sectors of the Indian Economy.
Initiated de-licensing of the electronics and IT industry in 1983.
Electronics Industry grew from Rs.1200 Crores (83-84) to 9400 Crores (1989-90).
Socio-economic improvements using IT and TV mass media.
Initiated production ‘People PC’ in bulk- slashing prices by 50%.
Re-engineering of Public Sector Companies :
Meltron Ltd. - A loss making (32 million) company in 1982 to 220 million highly profitable one in 1984.
ET&T Ltd. - A loss making (300 million) company in 1984 to 150 million highly profitable one in 1989.
Invited for Lectures and Addresses
Convocation Address, IIT, Kanpur 1992.
Dr. Sarabhai Memorial Lecture, IETE ’1989.
Prof. S. K. Mitra Memorial Lecture, Calcutta.
Presidential Address, Jagatik Marathi Parishad, Jerusalem, Israel.
Several hundred such keynote speeches and invited lectures.
‘Materials for Electronics’ in 1979.
‘The Third Parent’ in 1991 (Electronic Media for National Development).
‘Capital Punishment’ in 1993 (Agonies of working in Delhi).
‘Is Anyone Out There?' in 2007.
'The Third Parent' Revisited in 2010
(Growth & Development of Indian Electronic Media till 2009)
Technical Articles and Papers
Several hundred articles and monograms in Professional Journals.
Proceedings and also in the national and international Dailies and Weeklies.
India-China Study
Tax Structure and Tax Administration in People’s Republic of China.
SMEs in China (Investigating China’s SME Driven Manufacturing Prowess).
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